…favorite things friday: velvet pumpkins

I actually hate Halloween decor. Hate it. I never buy it, make it, want my kids to make it. Who wants skeletons, ghosts and spiders in their home? Not to mention I’m not fond of the color orange. That being said, I love Fall more than any other season. I love the cool air, the cozy sweaters, the Pumpkin bread, the apple-picking, and the foliage. How amazing that we get to see trees that have red leaves for a month?! It’s magic.

Much ado seems to have been made by velet pumpkins. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about them. I like them if they are placed in a rustic setting like a dough bowl or a wood bowl, wire crate, etc. They they look interesting, clever, contrary. I don’t like them when I see them amidst other Halloween garb that can look tasteless.


The average price that I’ve seen them for is around $30. I know, not cheap for a pumpkin and yes, you could probably make them for cheaper. If you shop around you will find handmade velvet pumpkins that look classy and you will also see some that look a bit cheap. Like my MIL says, “You get what you pay for.”

Love Feast sells a trio of velvet pumpkins for $98. They come in a variety of colors. Etsy also has lots of shops that sell them, but these look the best.

Happy Fall!



  1. Sheila Falcuci says:

    Beautiful. Good Morning Christen

  2. Happy Fall, Ya’ll! Living here in So California, we don’t get those beautiful fall weather changes, but it is still my favorite season. Growing up in Texas, we did. I called it “sweater weather.” Beautiful Indian Summer in November, too! Enjoy the East Coast , Christen!


  3. Mmm-hmm, I feel the same way about Halloween decor – and the color orange! For a bit of fun I painted some fake pumpkins from Michaels a few weeks ago using just a tiny bit of some of my Annie Sloan paints. It was fun to do, didn’t take long and I love the whisper of Fall they add to our home. Here’s the link with some pictures: http://chelseasgarage.blogspot.com/2013/09/pretty-painted-pumpkins.html

    Happy Fall!


  4. I don’t get into Halloween stuff either. I just love fall 🙂 The cooler weather the color on the trees:) My kids have never gone trick or treating and have never complained!!!

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