…favorite things friday – vintage alarm clocks

Most accent items are just cooler when they are old and vintage. Not so much bigger, upholstered items, but those little details that top a mantel, side table or kitchen counter. One of these very interesting items is the vintage clock. And by clock I don’t mean wall. More like this:


Now that has personality! I recommend vintage pieces from Etsy because it’s like a treasure box of goodies. These are from Hallder Vintage out of Slovakia. Now when was the last time you could say you bought a souvenir from Eastern Europe?


I think I could have a real obsession here if I let myself.


I leave many a clock on a nightstand at the estate sales I go to just because I have no more room in the car. Nope – not even for a bitty clock. Next time I’ll save a spot at least in my purse.


PS – At long last I will be doing a week long series on Blue Egg Brown Nest’s Paint Colors next week! I know you’ve been asking!



  1. I just found your wonderful blog! What a fun style you have! I’ll be putting you on my blog roll!!!! So happy to find you!

  2. I kinda love them too, haven’t found any in my area though.I’m still looking LOL.

  3. Thanks for posting this! Because I had seen this blog post, I knew to snatch up the vintage “big ben” alarm clock from my grandma’s basement! She was happy to get rid of it, and I was thrilled with my little treasure. It even still works:)

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