…favorite things friday: vintage tobacco baskets

Durn. Another week has gone by and although the snow has started to melt, my kids all decided to get sick so we couldn’t get back to school and mommy’s desperate need for routine. Pretty pictures certainly help my mood and so do really cool vintage accessories.

I heart these old tobacco baskets from Antique Farmhouse.


I used to own a few of my own and hung them on my walls. They are an inexpensive way to get really cool wall decor. I’m totally not getting paid for this post, I just love these!

Here are few other interior examples via Pinterest.


images (4)





  1. The tobacco baskets being sold on AF are NOT $134 as stated on your site but $314! Bait and switch.

    • Ellen Kincaid says:

      It is called a typo, but then you would not know, because u never make a mistake, right. Go lightly with people, what goes around comes around eventually

  2. Love these but at $314 that is not an “inexpensive” way to add decor to my home unfortunately. Wish I could afford them.

  3. Depending where you are in the US, you can sometimes find them more inexpensive. I have to say that Christen’s decor style has really helped us sell them, when we have them, because they are displayed SO beautifully in her home and photos. It’s hard to find really good ones these days. When we do, we try to price them affordably. They are a GREAT option for those large places that are awkward to fill!
    We have sold them from our shop, anywhere from $95-$265, depending on size and shape. Deb, Greenville SC

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