…favorite things friday – YOU!

Paint is all very well and good, but I get really excited when you and I get to connect on a deeper level about life and pain. Call me crazy, but relating to others and finding out that we are not alone really helps. Doesn’t it?


Every response I received from YOU after my “Good News” post was important and special. Thank you. You wrote sharing your own heartbreak. I heard from people going through divorce to health issues to children issues to the overall uncomfortableness of daily life. It kinda normalizes what we go through if we are able share. Not one of us is suffering alone! Not one of us doesn’t know what it’s like to weather the storm!

I think sometimes the problem lies when we keep these things to ourselves and try to pretend to be fine. Then we compare ourselves to others and look over to our left and say “Look at her life. She has it all.” But, that is never the case. Ever. Ever. Ever. It’s never greener. Ever. It’s all relative to our past, our level of sensitivity and experiences. Pain is pain.


It’s so interesting to me that God has brought us all together over our love of paint and furniture. For those of you that don’t know a bit of my story, furniture has always been emotional for me. I didn’t just happen upon drooling over a beautiful dining table. (Of course that happened too!). I was connected to a safe and stable place when I was in my room with my furniture with my door locked. It was not going anywhere. It was my space. I could move it around – which I did every weekend – and use it as I pleased. I purchased my entire bedroom set at age 11, which included a sweet little sleigh bed. It was important to me and symbolizes so much that I can’t even explain. It was big and solid when I couldn’t be. It took up space when I was fearful and shrunk back. It was solid when I faded.

I can’t help but think YOU and I have more conversations to be had. I always say that I wish we could sit down for tea together. Then I got to thinking, if not tea what about a special space – a separate blog where YOU could post your struggle and we could write in and support YOU and pray and give feedback? If you can relate, would this interest you? It would be a deeper and more vulnerable space, but safe & sound.


Anyone interested?

I am comforted to know that many of us will get to spend eternity together in a beautiful garden and I think God will be loving enough to give us a few gorgeous lounge chairs to sit in while we catch up:)




  1. Tracy Watt says:

    Amen to all of the above! I have a favorite story I love…to paraphrase it’s about a person with a hole in their sock. Just because you can’t see someone’s problems it doesn’t mean they have none.

  2. Some pain, like the death of a child, is something that unless you have suffered the pain is totally clueless. I have found that there are many, too many sometimes that are there wanting to be there to do something and after the funeral is over disappear. Wanting you to move on, like that is possible. So yes I think your blog of allowing people to express how they are feeling on any particular day would be helpful. Some pain even three years old feels like only yesterday. No matter what the pain, death, abuse,money issues,failures or divorce. No matter whether it was cause by someone else or thur your own doing . No matter if you are a person of faith or are going it alone, being able to express sadness, anger, confusion,blame or acceptance could be a very good thing. I wish your success with your caring for others

  3. Love this post! And I love Tracy’s comment as well. So true! Having a separate blog where we could share and pray for each other would be lovely.

  4. Yes I agree with all of the above. We all have a cross to bear sometime in our lives. But I feel God gives us strength through himself and others. A blog is a great idea. sometimes we can not see the wood for the trees and seeing some ones else point can help us on our merry way. I also look forward to the garden with the painted lounge chairs xx

  5. I love reading your posts! I, too, would love to have a place to toss to the universe the things that are troubling my soul. We all have these things but sometimes there is really no one to talk to about those deepest thoughts and feelings. In today’s world we are all to be so strong….well, guess what? Most of us are crumbling under the pressures and the stresses. I so related to Lyn’s post as I am a mom without my precious son who went to his new journey in heaven way too soon. There are days even 10 1/2 yrs. later that the weight of the sadness is so great I feel that I can’t even stand up straight. It never leaves…it finds it’s proper place so you can exist and function.
    I love reading your posts…you got me so hooked on chalk painting! I love the transformation that is made mostly because you imagined something different!
    You are a special lady and I know you with be blessed many times over!

  6. Great idea. Today’s post resonated with me and how I would love to be with like minded people, sharing a moment in time.

  7. Ruth Anne says:

    A blog like that would be wonderful–it could be so helpful to us in our own private struggles to share and receive non-judgmental support. I think you have a great idea.

  8. This post was fullof truth and very encouraging to me. Thank you for a lovely and authentic blog.

  9. Christen,
    I look to your blog every day. You write so beautifully and through your words, touch my heart. I am surprised each time I read your blog, how close I feel to you even though we have never met. I try to remember that everyone, everyone we meet is carrying some sort of burden. Some of us share, and others of us bottle up our stress not wanting to burden others in our lives. I have come to believe that we understand others pain and our own only when we are ready in this lifetime. I also believe that people come into our lives and we into theirs when we are needed thanks to a higher power who better understands the crazy master plan. I too am struggling. Thank you for opening the door for discussion. I would very much be interested in a blog to support each other on this journey in life.

  10. Julie Wagner says:

    I think this is a great idea!

  11. Tammy Gilleland says:

    What a wonderful idea! Christen, I enjoy reading your blog. It’s one of the simple pleasures in life to find a few minutes to read your blog and see your beautiful projects. You inspire us through your work and your beautiful words.

    I have a close friend who is struggling with stage 4 cancer. Then, there is my close friend who’s first grandchild due in September has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Restricted Atrial Septum. Baby Luca has essentially half a heart. It’s tough for a young couple to be faced with the uncertainty of if their baby will survivor. Any prayer warriors out there please pray for Jill (stage 4 cancer) and Baby Luca. I will pray for those here posting and Christen (I have been lifting you in prayer).

    I feel my issues are small in comparison to others out there who’s struggles are much more important than mind own.

    God bless you!

  12. I would love to take part in your upcoming blog. We are all in this life together each with our own struggles and victories. I believe God has us here to touch others’ lives in a positive way with compassion and long-suffering. Please keep us posted. Thanks for all you do to inspire us to reach our goals yet care for others along the way. Love your blog! God bless 🙂

  13. What a thoughtful idea and the above comments are so encouraging; I’d love to participate in a separate ‘spill it’ blog.

  14. Silvia E. says:

    What a wonderful idea. I am struggling right now with some many things from loss of loved ones and other issues that I can’t even bring myself to type out now and it would be amazing to have such a place!

  15. This is my first visit to your blog. In as much as I have and will enjoy your furniture posts, I am intrigued with your idea for a blog spin off.

    I am 7 years new to the NOVA area and have yet to connect with a spiritual community. Please keep me in mind as you follow HIs leading for a continued voice in a new platform.

    His Best,


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