Favorite Things Friday

(OH NO – Ballard doesn’t want me to steal their photo of the bird. Guess I will have to open one of my Christmas presents early to take a picture to post. Good thing I buy all my own gifts)

I’m not really into buying Christmas ornaments because I’d rather spend my money on something else. However, when I open up that large Tupperware box in early November and gaze upon the chipped glass balls that don’t match, hobo Santa, the toothpick picture frame with a tiny picture of me in my winter coat in second grade that my mom saved for me, and the faded baby Jesus in the manger – I begrudgingly hand them to the girls to hang on the tree.

But, I couldn’t resist these burlap birds when I saw them! Are you kidding me? We are going to have a happy tree this year.

Ballard Pic (Can you see it? NOPE)

My pic


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