Hey Guys! I just really wanted to thank you for all the love. You guys have been awesome with the comments, compliments & questions. Makes me feel like painting!

I have to say the most common question I get – especially at preschool drop off from mommy friends is “How do you find the time?” I kind shrug normally and say I don’t know. But, the truth is at least one child has to be in bed. For me, that’s the baby. The girls are finally at the stage where they can play without bloodshed. There maybe be fights over lip gloss and fairy wings, Princess Jasmine dolls, sparkle shoes and who has the purple clip, but typically they can manage a few hours…or at least one hour at the end of the day.

riding my sister’s bike.


garden nymphs.                                        accessorizing the planters.

Thank you God for the garage. And the plants with flowers. Sorry to all the plants with flowers for the little girls chopping off your heads. Here’s a glimpse of the painting hour.

just a peak.

The garage. Please don’t judge me. Judge my husband who cannot seem to properly clean it out. Pack rat.

2 tables in process now. to be shown on a post near you.



  1. Haha! Love this post!

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