First Milk Paint Project

This is a picture of the ratty chairs that I bought off of Craislist that I planned to refinish and put in my new home. I had no idea how they were going to turn out as I have never refinished a piece of furniture, but I bought 8 chairs for $150 and didn’t have a budget for anything thing else. These were going to work. I had purchased a PB farm table in a honey color and wanted the chairs to go with this. This was also a design issue because I didn’t know what color I was going to come up with and how was I going to make it work with the table.

So, we dug into the project by standing all the chairs. Actually, my supportive & loving husband cleaned and sanded all the chairs. Then I started playing with the milk paint I bought from The Real Milk Paint Company. We were also in the midst of picking out colors for the exterior of the house we were building so I had some pretty neutral stains that I put over the color combination I liked. It turned out to be a distressed brown/beige color. I’m in love with them and the color is perfect in my kitchen! Check it out.



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