…for the love of shutters

Ahhh. I love a good architectural element to create interest in a space. Shutters are a perfect tool to do this.

I’ve collected quite a few throughout my own house. (The above is not my house although I would love it to be.)

I found these old wood shutters and decided to try the same layout in my new study. I think it works. Thinking maybe a mirror between them would help.

I’ve had these grey shutters in the corner for years and besides my feather pillow it’s probably my most favorite thing in this room.

A chair & a shutter hanging next to it near the linen closet. Just because.

I would venture to say that the color is not even important. Even if you don’t paint it, you can find a use.  Never thought I could use this teal color until I found a tray for the coffee table that would coordinate.

I have a few baby shutters that I’m planning on painting Old White. Maybe for a headboard. Maybe just to hang on another wall.


Blue Egg Brown Nest will be showing at The Luckett’s Spring Market, May 19th & 20th from 10:00 – 5:00.



  1. Lovely shutters! Your study room looks beautiful, love how you decorate this room. I would love to have a large desk to spread all my work, computer, and ideas… You have a wonderful decorating taste. Have great day!

  2. I love shutters too! Great use of shutters…great inspiration…funnnn!

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