…Frame or Foe?

Actually, it’s frame or screen, but this sounded a bit more cleaver. I was in the process of making another Hide & Seek TV Screen, which is a bit laborious. This is the one that DH and I built for our home and was showed in This Old House.

I went out to Michaels and bought my frames, ordered custom mats and found some really cool, aged botanical postcards to frame. Greta had her first painting job.

I think she decided to go collect flowers before getting through all eight.

So, I just finished up the prints yesterday, Greta helping me once again as she was out of school, and think they turned out really great. I actually think they might be cool just to hang.





So, I’m going to offer them individually and if I get impatient I will turn them into a Hide & Seek Screen. A benefit of working with myself 🙂

Vintage Audubon Images framed in hand-painted French Linen…$54 each (I have 8 total)



  1. Hi, Christen.
    Absolutely obsessed with you and your blog (creepy much?). Your furniture is inspiring! I also LOVE the way you decorate your home. Where did you get those fabulous dining room chairs??

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