…free as a bird

If you are a big time Beatles fan as I am, you know John Lennon’s more obscure song Free as a Bird. I couldn’t help but hum it to myself as I scurried from my 2nd preschool drop off this morning. I ran upstairs to put on my paint clothes, opened the garage and got to work!

Mirrors sanded & waxed. Check.

Second coat of French Linen on desk. Check.

Sand, dark wax and buff buffet. Check.

Sand & wax side table. Check.

Touch up and wax round table. Check.

Who knew how much I could accomplish without having to stop for boo-boos, sippies, sword-fighting, spilled bubbles, pushing “me too” on bikes & scooters, snack, different snack, another snack, more juice, and more hitting. I even finished my cold coffee from this morning & cooked the ground turkey for taco night!

Great morning, but I will be happy to see this face in a bit.



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