…french cupboard

If you’ve been reading Blue Egg Brown Nest you know that I have a revolving wall. Well, not the wall, per say, but the items that I place on the wall.

You may remember this look.


Then I had my 9 ft pew (which I am considering selling in the near future).



The chicken cabinet was there for a while too.


There have been a few other temporary pieces here as well. It’s kind of fun to change things up in one space frequentely. So many possibilities! I didn’t know I was going to change out a little table until I saw this rustic cupboard at The Foundry’s tent at Luckett’s. I wanted to try a piece here that was a natural wood color and I’m always looking for storage.

One glass pane missing? I’ll find someone that can match it.

No shelf? I’ll make one.

No bottom to the entire cabinet? Easy. Just need to get it delivered and in place.









Yvette had it shipping from France. I’m pretty excited about it so far. Still debating if I want chicken wire for the hutch or more glass. Either way, I love having options!



  1. Barbara says:

    Glass is a definite… not chicken wire for this piece at that spot in your home.

  2. Wonderful piece. It was shipped from France? ? How would a person go about shipping large items home to the USA? We are planning a trip to Italy and my husband is afraid I might find thing’s to ship home. When we travel within the states I’ve got it covered. Past that I need some advice.
    Thank you. ..don’t tell my husband

  3. This piece and your new foyer table are a little change up from the look of your home…Not quite my style but you can make anything look good!!! Love your french country pieces… In my opinion your home/style blows miss mustard seeds away! But I know everyone prefers something different and it’s fun to change up sometimes. Best wishes!

  4. Laura Paolini says:

    Love the French cupboard. What color is it?

  5. Pam Wayland says:

    Just wondered if you live in the Lucketts area? I live in Lovettsville in a 1960’s rancher. It is a little hard to get to on an old rustic driveway, so my husband and I are thinking of buiding a home on the Wayland pond in retirement. But for now I have cabinets I painted an off white in about 1999. They are showing some wear, and I was thinking of doing a lite blue duck egg color with AS paints. I saw the girls moved out of the polka dot store and am wondering if AS products are available any where close by? The problem I have with my cabinets is that they are plain front, very boring. I would have to put some type of molding on them to make them interesting with chalk paint. A lot of work, but I have the summers off so am willing to invest my time in it around vacations. I think I’ll go with lacquer for durability. I hope you sell the paints near by. But I guess I could venture into Gaithersburg where I heard the ladies went with the AS painting workshop.

  6. Danielle says:

    so I think we should make a trade….the pew from Lucketts I snagged for your pew!!

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