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Guess what? Blue Egg Brown Nest will be in the very next issue of freshstyle magazine! Yeah! I’m so excited. This is such a thoughtful, colorful & creative magazine. Not to mention the women behind the publication are just fantastic!


My friends at freshstyle are offering a special subscription rate. They can give us a try it free offer + free measuring tape for $18. (The regular price is $19.98)

Special Subscription Offer here. Just plug in your info.

I am told that the issue that you will receive is the issue Blue Egg Brown Nest is in. Can’t wait to get mine in the mail 🙂




  1. Christen ~ I’m at the Annie Sloan Unfolded conference in New Orleans this week, and we met the Fresh Style folks! They are awesome, and made the announcement that Annie Sloan is going to be a monthly contributing editor! I know you’re excited, too.
    Can’t wait for the next issue where I see a write-up on “my best friend that I’ve never met”, Christen Bensten!

    Love ya! Deb

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