…getting in touch w/ me

Hi Friends!

I seem to always be a tad behind in email. If you are waiting for a reply from me about a piece please feel free to bug me  & email again until you hear from me:) If you have a question about a technique, I try to compile a bunch a reply in a post to all your Q&As. If you have called my “business line” I probably will not be able to respond due to life. Email or FB messaging is always best.

I love hearing from all of you so please know I don’t mean to be unresponsive!



PS – What do you think about my new banner on my site? Helen Norman photos from the Cottage Style Magazine photo spread.



  1. Hi Christen,

    The banner is great and, in fact, everything you do is great! I have learned so much and am having a great time trying things out. Being creative is a lot more fun than “cleaning up” after my horses…..yuck! (although riding them, you might have to get a little creative!)

    I know that you cannot reply to everyone! And anyway, whoever has time to sit behind a computer all day…well?? So go spend time with your DH and kids (and dog and cat).


  2. Love everything you do Christen! Was wondering if you could do a blog about decorating and specifically on how to group and display vintage beauties big and small as well as incorporating some newer treasures that we might find at our favorite stores. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Your banner looks fabulous!

  4. Hi
    can you tell me when using chalk paint is the furniture easy to clean once finished or will it show every finger mark??
    many thanks jill

  5. Just watched your tutorials. I am just finishing my first piece and wish I had found you sooner. Oh well….. I was just wondering, it looks as though you paint a dresser with the drawers closed. If so, then it saves you from having to mess with the sides??? It would definitely save some time. Thanks again for all your advice! love your work 🙂

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