I really do believe that every event builds on itself and better prepares us for a later event. Maybe giving us courage or experience or a new perspective for something we are meant to see later on. I often think if I didn’t go through a long struggle with infertility I wouldn’t have loved my kids as fiercely as I do now. I never knew that I would feel the same way about my marketing experience at an architecture firm, Brennan Beer Gorman Monk (BBGM).

My first real job after college, after a time writing for The Reston Times, was at the firm BBGM. Ginger was my boss and she was like Snow White (the princess references come easily these days).

Porcelain skin, raven hair, smooth red lips, painted nails and never a wrinkle on her perfect pencil skirts. You couldn’t have a conversation with her without wondering how she applied her mascara to make her lashes do that!

She herself was part of the marketing.

I’m not claiming that I know what I’m doing when it comes to marketing my business, but I do have a sense of what it means to put myself out there in as many ways as possible. Visually.

The business part is not the most fun and seems to take up precious paint time.

But, like we all tried to convince the executives at BBGM  – marketing is what gets the door open. Not sitting at the drafting table.

I scrubbed off most of the paint under my fingernails Sunday and put on lipstick.






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