…going green

I remember when the term “Green”, “Green Design” was only a term used in the Architectural/Design Industry. Becoming LEED certified was becoming not only popular, but a necessity for firms to win projects. At least that’s what this gal whom wrote a lot of proposals witnessed!

I love how it’s important to individuals now and although I wish I could report that I had cork flooring or recycled counter tops in my home, I’m actually talking just about the color. Something about having living green plants or preserved ones in my home really makes my spaces feel fresh.

If you too have a white kitchen you know that it’s a blank slate. I have found that I’ve had to do a bit of experimenting to try to bring a bit of warmness into the space. I like what these preserved boxwoods from Restoration Hardware bring to the corners.

I am always asked by my check out gal at Harris Teeter why I eat so many green apples. Little does she know, I just look at them:)

Dried artichokes.

More preserved boxwoods on the door.







  1. That’s so funny…I buy green apples “for display only” as well. Someone will eat one unknowlingly and I flinch. Those are for DECORATING, not EATING. How irrational is that? 🙂

    Where do you get the dried artichokes? Or do you just dry them out?

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