…gone fishin’

The time has come for me to take a much needed summer break. A big thank you to all my faithful readers & clients. Blue Egg Brown Nest had 3.5 Million hits in June alone. I feel the love!

I’ll be back in August & promise to answer all your questions. If you have refinishing jobs for me, email me then. I’m booked up to mid-September, but can help after that!

Love to you all! IMG_2122


Yes, boys, it is time for our summer nap.


  1. Well deserved, enjoy your time.

  2. Christen,

    Have a great break and enjoy your family before the crazy school schedules begin! I will miss you and your wonderful posts and tutorials.


  3. Enjoy and have a good time
    May God bless you and your family

  4. Enjoy and have a good time with you family.
    May The Lord bless you and your family.

  5. NO!!! will miss your daily posts SO MUCH! But, I understand you need a break. Hope you have a great time and come back to us all inspired and refreshed!

    Blessings! Debra

  6. Hi Christen
    Have a fabulous well deserved break.
    Kind regards
    Kim x

  7. Oh my goodness!! I love it! your babies are so cute! They look ready to soak in some sun! Talk to you soon.

  8. Margaret Brodel says:

    I must account several hundred of those hits! I really enjoy your site and find it energising, enviable & educational.

    We shall await your return for more inspiration and home grown blogs.

  9. Have a very relaxing break, your cats are too cute!

  10. love your orange kitties! I am a newer reader, hoping to get some paint in my fingernails soon. Found a Annie sloan seller less than 10 miles away. We just moved here and there is so much to do and I definately need more furniture and want to give my home a creative touch. Enjoy the rest of your break.

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