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I have the cutest room over the garage with high-pitched ceiling lines. I love it so much that I wish all our rooms had the little window alcoves and cosiness that comes with the slants & corners.

David Sedaris recently wrote an aritcle in The New Yorker stating that he had really “made it” because now had a guest room. I kinda hear what he is saying. I recently changed over this room from a sitting space to a guestroom maybe because I wanted a project or maybe because it would be a great place to hide out and finish a book!


Yes, I moved my blue shutters up here to match the Duck Egg dresser that you will see.


I’ve had this bed for about 2 years now and no one ever purchased it. So I re-painted it in Old White and it’s just perfect. I’ve always loved the curves and casters. How special!



Ahhh, distressed Duck Egg. Nothing better.



Love my antique rocking horse from Sophia’s.





Not the perfect lighting for a great shot, but you get the idea of the full room.

What do you think Mr. Sedaris?




  1. NO! NO! NO! That is MY rocking horse!!! LOL:)

  2. Hi Christen,

    Thank you! You are a inspiration!

  3. Dorothy Durbin says:

    Love, love, love the room and that bed! Fabulous!

  4. Rose Beckhurst says:

    what a beautiful room, anyone who stays there must be very lucky. simple yet elegant.

  5. Robin Foutch says:

    Fabulous bed!! I can’t believe no one ever bought it. I painted a sleigh bed in an antique white and it turned out absolutely beautiful. I also love the duck egg blue dresser!! This feels like a very inviting guest room!

  6. Christen! I’m loving the Duck Egg paint! However, have you added some old white to it? As before it’s seemed more of a vivid colour than it does in the photos, I love the calm hue! Hope you see this! Thanks, Jen.

    (p.s can’t believe no one bought the bed?! If I wasn’t in the UK I definitely would’ve!)

  7. christina larsen says:

    Just beautiful. I ran across your site yesterday after I saw your chalk paint tutorials. You make it look so easy, I can’t wait to start on several projects. Thanks for sharing so others can learn.

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh my gosh! Gorgeous. How has no one purchased that bed? Is it a queen?

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