…hello, 60

Oh, Virginia. You offer such beautiful seasons and I do love them all. I must be getting old, however, because I really can’t appreciate your winters for too long. I love the cold before Christmas and then after the festivities it would be great to skip right to Spring.

We had a hint of Spring today as it was 60 degrees! So after church & a lovely brunch with my family, I opened the garage doors and let the light in! Ahhhhhh. I can see & think & process much more clearly when I have natural light. Warm air helps too.

I had a few projects to work on and finish up. Take a look at this beauty that I got to refinish for the very sweet & very patient Jasmine 🙂 You may remember me talking about her and her artist hubby.


Amazing piece, right? Drool.




Jasmine is a repeat client and she always lets me do what I think the piece wants in regards to distressing. Love that.


Here is a first coat on a sweet little chair for Sapna’s daughter. My own daughters have the exact chair at their desks and it’s a perfect fit!


Cute, vintage dresser in French Linen that I’ll have ready to list soon.


Sweet Tricia offered me this really great French-y coffee table to have & refinish. I’m really happy with it in the Country Grey. Listing it soon. Great size.


So, some of you that have been to my house may recognize this table. I used to have it in my family room. I’m trying something new in there so I’m ready to part with her. Just touching it up before I list.



Love this cute twin bed. Pix soon.

I also have to prepare for a bunch of refinishing jobs coming in at the end of February. I pushed them until then in the hopes that I would be back to normal…and they weather would be warmer. If not, then they will be coming into the house with me.

Dear Husband did come outside with a glass of water mid-afternoon and reminded me not to overdo. What a smart man. I decided to clean up and head in for his amazing Super Bowl buffalo wings. A good choice.


  1. Kristen, there’s always so much inspiration in your posts – thanks for that! And thank you even more for showing of your pieces after first coats 🙂 I should know better by now but I’m still sometimes shocked how a piece looks after a first coat and think it will never turn out right. It always does but it’s just good to see that it’s the same for people like you with a tons of experience under their belt 😉 Keep feeling better!

  2. Lori Vaterlaus says:

    Yeah!!!!! Painting again!!! And, appreciating it all the more! xoxo

  3. Please don’t mention the Super Bowl 🙁 Poor Broncos! I am so bummed!! You Seahawk fans, enjoy your victory! 🙂

  4. I am head over heels in love with that first piece that you refinished for your customer Jasmine. I want to find something like that for myself. So beautiful.

  5. What color did you use on the piece for Jasmine? I just love it!

  6. Leticia Madril says:

    Hey there, I’m a brand new follower, just moved from Va to Ca this summer. California is nice, but I’d go back in a heartbeat, I even miss raking all those leaves I complained about so much! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned along the way, it’s great to find people who love giving new life to old things just like me!

  7. Hi Christen,

    Your pieces are so beautiful! I am really interested in the French-y coffee table!! Can you let me know the dimensions? If they are right for my space, I would love to purchase it.

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