…hello, first grade

Greta’s sweet teacher invited me in for a little painting demo last week. I really wanted to bring in an entire dresser, but after some thought I realized that this was not easy to accomplish on my own. I settled on a drawer from a dresser.

I collected all my materials and tools.


A few brushes.


Clear wax & dark wax. Sanding block.


A little apron for my assistant.


Paint swatches.


Fiona even let me borrow the blue egg she found in the yard a few years ago so I could explain my business name.


A few little vintage items too.

IMG_4802 It was a bit tricky getting everything into the school. And, yes, I did get some funny looks holding my drawer.


I think my assistant seems pretty proud.


It was a really special moment for me to stand side by side with my little artist. I love knowing that she could take over Blue Egg Brown Nest one day and make it into whatever she wants it to be.



Let’s just hope she thinks paint and her mom are this cool when she’s a teen!


  1. Betty in Arlington says:

    What a beautiful mommy “show and tell” post!! The elementary children must have been delighted with the show and tell! Greta has a popular mommy! And, what a delightful teacher to ask you for the lesson!

    So happy, also, that you are feeling better, and look good. God bless your creative efforts!

  2. So cute! Mother and daughter working together…..

  3. She looks so proud in that picture with her arms crossed. Just adorable! Love it when kids are creative and into art.

  4. I love doing things with my kids. They are teenagers now and they think I am VERY cool!! Keep it up!

  5. Such a sweet time with your daughter. Making precious memories for you both…

  6. what a great memory, and I’m sure she will still think your the coolest when she is a teen 🙂

  7. These precious times will be with your daughter for a long long time.
    Makes me smile 🙂

  8. You are COOL!!!!

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