…Hi New Friends!

I knew The Washington Post was a big deal, but maybe I didn’t quite realize how big. Your emails, compliments & feedback have all been amazing and I’m so excited to call you guys new & old friends! Thank you so much for all the love! Jura, you’re a gem 🙂

   Ollie was no impressed with the stack of newspapers, but a bit more concerned about dinner.

I put the kids to bed at 6:30 because I think they were very confused & tired by seeing mommy run around like a crazy person. Then I spent 3 hours painting and over 4 hours responding to your awesome emails!

Alot of emails were about doing your custom furniture, which I am pleased to do! I would just really like to stick to my aesthetic of European style furniture, meaning I prefer to work on antiques in beautiful colors like the blues, greys, creams & whites. (I’m not apt to do a red or orange piece, if you want to know the truth). If you email me with a picture of your piece I will give you an estimate on labor & materials. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com. There’s a bit of a que starting…

Here are some pieces that I currently have still for sale looking for a great home!

French County Dining Set w/ 2 leaves & 6 finished chairs upholstered in white burlap (2 chairs are captain’s)….$2,000


Tall dresser…$350                   Nightstand…$175

Shabby Console…$295

Charming side table…$100

Sweet Mirrored Dresser w/ glass knobs…$450

Dresser/Foyer Table…$400


If you are looking for a specific piece, email me and let me know. I will start the hunt! I also have several pieces to show off next week, including 2 dining tables, 2 dressers, 10 high back chairs w/ muslin seats, 2 side chairs, and a rocker.

My hubby & I will also be doing alot of pick ups this weekend so I can keep the studio filled!

Thank you again for all the feedback. If have not emailed you back yet –  it’s not you it’s me! Email me again to chat about your furniture needs!

Love to you all!






  1. I’m a new reader from the WaPo article. Congratulations! Your furniture is beautiful and just my style. I can’t wait to see the pieces you have coming up. 🙂

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