Hi Y’all!

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Dear Friends! It’s been forever and I miss our connection! Here’s a lil or long video update on me. I’ve been thinking of you all for some time and where I fit in with the entire modern farmhouse craze we have going on. I am never one to love the mainstream. I want to be off-stream; alternative stream. Always have. I get inspired by looking at things in a new light and then sharing what I’ve learned. In the meantime, I am praying, meditating, therapy-ing, friending, parenting, truth-telling and listening to a ton of podcasts to fill my soul and add perspective and a sense of openness to my world.

Love to you all! PS – I will be posting a new video of my round table that I white-washed this weekend. I still love a good transformation!




  1. So happy to see you! Can’t wait to see what your next chapter brings…..

  2. Happy summer! So good to see you and happy to wait to see what amazing things you’ll be doing next!!

  3. Betty in Arlington says:

    So happy to see your email and look at your blog! You brightened my day!

  4. Naomi S says:

    I’m so glad to hear from you, Christen! Sounds like you have been a busy woman and mommy, tending to lots of needs.

    Artistically, I have always loved the Blue Egg, Brown Nest photo and the name. Somehow it is just very appealing to me. So I was very happy to see an email from you.

    I think it is very wise that you have been evaluating and searching for the direction(s) in which you want to expend your energy. I will be excited to learn more about your interests and your journey. I send you Courage to keep on keeping on and Joy in the process.

  5. OMG your back!!! I thought i lost you forever!

  6. Best wishes with your new endeavors. I agree we all need to reinvent ourselves every so often, for growth, to follow new interests & try new challenges.

  7. So happy to get your email today and to see you looking relaxed at the lake. I have always loved your style and painting projects. Would love to hear and see more from you. I understand that you must put yourself and family first, but if you still have the desire to motivate and encourage others, we will always be waiting in the wings for you!!

  8. Heather McGill says:

    I hear you! I actually typed your website in to check in since I, Too, have been really really contemplating this Farmhouse surge and the chalk paint shabby-palooza that’s taken over, without asking even!! LOL I found your website and tutorials during a truly truly difficult time in my life (moment to wipe my tired contact lens eyes) and I hit the ground and furniture hard, I mean, I sold everything I created and really listened to your teachings over and over. YOU are the best. Anyway, please keep going, I have sold a business that I just didn’t want to do anymore, it “served it’s purpose” in my famliy’s life and I’m so glad to be moving on…since my last comment, 1 kid graduated college, 2 have 1 year left and my baby turned 13. Enjoy those kids, “dust we must but those kids don’t keep” Hope to share in my new business launching soon on piece of land where I can breathe, paint, plant and think. Fill us in on your thoughts about the FH craze, really want to know. Heather M.

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