This Saturday is the Holiday Market at Stifel & Capra in Falls Church. Head over to the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Community Center/Cherry Hill Park and then come on down the hill to the Holiday Market. It’s supposed to be a clear, crisp day & would be a fun activity to get kids out of the house. There’s also a cute coffee shop around the corner with AMAZING desserts & of course, Doodlehopper’s toy shop. Isn’t this weekend “shop small business Saturday” or is that just something I saw on a commercial?

Stifel & Capra

260 West Broad Street Falls Church, VA


You’ve probably passed it a million times. It’s an old white house amongst alot of brick buildings. It’s across from the old post office on Broad Street, just down from Starbucks and where the Pancake House used to be.

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