…Holiday Market recap

The Holiday Market at Stifel & Capra this weekend was a success! It was my first time marketing/selling and to be honest I didn’t really expect any pieces to go my first time out. I was pleasantly surprised to sell all my bigger pieces and a few accessories. Even made a profit, which isn’t the goal, but a nice surprise.

I learned people like dressers and people like frames.

I even had a couple that was disappointed when they came back hours later to discover that the dresser they were eying was sold hours earlier. I told her that I would scout out another for her and paint it to her tastes. She kept saying the dresser was perfect & what she wanted. Felt badly, but it’s a good position when multiple people want to buy what you’ve created.

Here is the dresser I’m speaking about. My dear friend, Liz, came to support me and then bought it! Thank you so much for your support, Liz. I hope you enjoy the piece!

Just want to thank all my family & friends for coming to support me. Thanks for moving my stuff, calling your friends, hanging out with me, taking pix and just being there. A special thank you to my BIL, Brado, for hanging out all day & helping me use my receipt book and to my girl, Greta, who stayed by my side, whispering, “I’m so proud of you, Mommy.”

Thank you, my Love.




  1. Erandi Salgado says:

    Ah little Greta! Such a sweet girl! And congrats to you Chris for all your sales. Wish I could have been there!

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