…Holiday Market

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew – which is what I tend to do when I get really excited about something.

I was in Stifel & Capra this morning introducing myself. Stifel & Capra is a space in Falls Church where a group of artist sell their work. The work ranges from paintings to vintage clothing to jewelry. It’s actually where Stylish Patina sells a bunch of her furniture. I emailed the owner, Theresa, about becoming a vendor, but they do not like to have artists completing in the shop and since S.P and I both do refurnishing there’s not space yet for me. She was very complimentary & encouraging though.

Every November the do an outdoor holiday market. I found out about it a few weeks ago and thought there was no way I could be ready. My logo was still being worked on, I didn’t have enough pieces and the pieces I had were not done! Well, when I was in there I talked to 2 wonderful artists who really encouraged me to just try it. They said they were moms that just need to find their own “thing” to divert from the daily grind of mom stuff. If I had 8 pieces I could do it. So, I said yes.

Did I really say yes? Wow. Hmm. Better go.


Holiday Market, November 19th. No idea what time.

Stifel & Capra

260 West Broad Street, Falls Church VA 22046


  1. Yea chis! I am so proud of you! I so wish i was there to go see your work. Remember me when you are famous!

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