…how silver met paint

I grew up playing in my dad’s studio in our basement, digging through little boxes of scrap metal and picking out the shiniest bits to metal into silver bubbles. He showed me how to solder silver, pull knots out of wire and oxidize the piece to create that vintage, aged look. Creating something from rolls of metal wire made a real impact on me. It was important and magical.


His business has always been personal. He gave away crosses to underprivaledged children and rings for weddings and birthdays. He always had orders to fill for clients, but I do not remember it ever being about him selling his work. It was more of a gift in a little silver, striped box with a shiney black lid. I smile as I write this because if you are a part of my life, you have recieved one of these. You probably have a little, silver knot ring in your jewelry box right now, a bit tarnished from the years.

Jewelry had the hint of a religion in our house. It was respected and valued. It was art. It was giving. It was selfless. It was more than gems and gold. It was more than an accessory. It was my dad and all he stood for. His generosity & loving spirit. If you’ve met my dad you will know that he speaks through his work when words fail him. This is his legacy.

I can honestly tell you besides my wedding rings I have never worn a ring that was not made by him or my grandfather. There is no reason.

I am honored to share his work with you. Meet him at Wolf Trap this weekend were he is showing/selling with The Great Falls Studios.

The Great Falls Studios Holiday Show

December 13-14

The Center for Education at Wolf Trap

1545 Trap Road, Vienna, VA

Admission is free.







  1. I have one!! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful father daughter memory. I will be there in spirt. Post photos later.
    Barbara Ann

  3. I like your parents (very much) and have enjoyed your blog! Thank you for sharing your story and the good news of GFS.
    I have a silver ring with a heart on my finger, too!

  4. So cool! He should go on etsy so we can all see his work!!

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