…how to give texture with dark wax

There are so many looks that you can give a piece when painting and refinishing. Sometimes it just comes down to taste. I have a client that loves the look of dark wax applyed over the entire surface of a piece. It gives a aged, darker look with texture.

I start by painting the piece in the color of her choosing.


I think clear wax and sand per usual. When I get to the dark wax stage I make sure I have all my necessary tools. I need my dark wax, a small wax brush and fine steel wool.


It is important to go slowly and in one long movement across the surface of the piece. I start at one side with my dark wax, brush held in my fist. I move LIGHTLY. You do not want a heavy hand because it will turn out muddy!


You can see that I have brown lines here, offering a visual texture to the piece. I then go behind myself and buff with my fine steel wool. This will smooth out the dark wax and lighten it.


I process may feel scary when you are working on it, like you may be “messing” up. But, if you follow these steps, especially the buffing part, you will be left with a unique and textured piece.






This process is one more way that you can create something interesting that does not look manufactured.



  1. I was wondering how can I achieve the look of the darker brown wood behind this piece of furniture.

  2. I love this look…. This is just what I was looking for! Thank you.

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