…how to pick a rug

Rugs can be super expensive, so when I am in the market for a new rug (which I am for the lake house) I look at Overstock first. They carry rugs at a discount and I’ve found several for my home including these.

…my dining

Small Room Design

…and my bedroom.


A few simple lessons that I’ve learned in rug shopping are these:

  1. Measure your space. Chances are you will need something larger than what you think. Most large rooms will need a 9×12. Yes, more expensive, but you don’t want to end up with something too tiny because it will alter the look of the entire room. Go big.
  2. Don’t get sucked into any carpets with crazy patterns. They take up so much air in a room and you may tire of them more easily. I would suggest max two colors in a rug.
  3. Wool or any rug that says “loop holes” will pull. If you have animals and namely dogs and specifically labs, I know from experience that they will dig their little nails into a wool rug and it will pull. You can cut these pulls, but eventually it will start to look worn.
  4. The material matters. I remember ordering a beautiful rug from Crate and Barrel when I was first married. I was so thrilled that it was so cheap! Turns out you get what you pay for. I picked it up and it was a very thin material, not the lush rug that I had wanted. It was very disappointing. Make sure you look at what the rug is made of. Cotton rugs will be thin and may move so you will need a rug pad. Indoor/Outdoor rug are inexpensive, but they have courser feel. Research what you are getting.
  5. Make sure you have the option of retuning if it just does not look right.

After doing my homework and looking at Pinterest, I found that I was gravitating towards a casual style for my lake dining space. I wanted some blue and thought that a large stripe would make the room feel welcoming and lake-like. This is the one I went with. Cotton worked for me because, again, it was not meant to be a fussy room and I didn’t want a nice rug under a table where kids were going to be eating. I invested in a good rug pad so that it would not slide around, which is essential.

Safavieh Hand-woven Montauk Navy/ Ivory Cotton Rug (9′ x 12′)

blue rug


It was delivered recently and I love it. It’s perfect for this room.



  1. FANTASTIC article! Helpful as always! And I absolutely LOVE your new rug!!! You are SUCH a beautiful inspiration to many! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

  2. Very useful information, Christen. I think I have violated every one of those rules! I have wanted a solid color rug for my living room lately, but just can’t find one in the color I’d like. So at an auction I bought an oriental design rug which has colors I like, but many more than you suggest. It will probably be temporary until I find what I really want. I just had to replace the awful rug that’s in the LR now. Almost anything would be better! What do you think about solid color rugs. I’m curious to know if you have any specific advice on where to use them or not use them.

  3. corazon davis says:

    hi christen! Just wondering where did you buy your area rug located in your dining area. The one that has zebra print. I do truly love it! Thanks and more power.

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