…how to use gilding wax

If you haven’t used gilding wax yet then you must try it! Don’t be scared. It’s easy to work with by keeping one thing in mind – less is more.



I really love using this gold gilding wax on a darker piece because you will get a really beautiful contrast. In my opinion this is not the product to use on a white/cottage kind of piece. You want to use this on a piece that you want to look more high-end and formal. Know what I mean?

I used it on my black foyer table and love how it turned out.





Tips for using Gilding Wax

1. Paint & wax your piece. Let dry a few days.

2. Use a Q-tip or finger and apply to the crevices in your piece. Delicately wipe into these areas. (There is no easy way to erase any gilding wax so go slowly & lightly. You can always go back over.)

I’ve also done a YouTube Tutorial that you can check out here:

Blue Egg Brown Nest Gilding Wax Tutorial

Have fun!


  1. Beautiful! Love the hints of gold. Adds a touch of elegance. What kind of black paint did you use? I love Annie Sloan but the graphite color is more of a dark gray vs. black.

  2. Love the touches of gold. Very elegant! What brand black paint did you use? I have tried the Annie Sloan graphite but feel it’s more gray vs. black.

  3. Christen,
    I have used similar product, but not on furniture. I love the way your table looks. I had used it on some photo frames and an angel plaque. It does highlight curves and makes it look special. A tiny bit applied in the right place looks stunning.

  4. I’ve just tried this for the first time recently. hard to buy here in Australia but now I have some I’ve got lots of ideas for it. great video Christen Love your style and generosity of spirit.
    cheers fiona

  5. Hi, I was wondering what you use to cleanup the gilding wax? Is it water based? I plan to paint polka dots on a wall with it, using a brush. Just wondering about the cleanup?

    • I wouldn’t use gilding wax on a wall Barb. Paint won’t adhere to it (think: wax). If you need to remove it, the best way is to place a newspaper over it and iron it out, as you would candle wax in a rug.

  6. Hi Christen,
    Love this table… I’ve just started painting but doing smaller home decor stuff.
    I make chalkboards with different borders…
    I usually paint the whole piece of wood with chalk board paint from Rustoleum,
    Then I start with the border .. I’ll use AS chalk paint… Do a design with stencil using
    Gilding wax on the chalk painted border …and then apply water based Rustoleum varnish to that border.
    I don’t use AS wax…
    Is the sequence wrong ? Shud I do varnish first and then wax or is it alright and I just need to give the gilding wax a certain no of hrs to cure before I varnish….
    I’m a little confused.
    Please advice.

  7. can gilding wax be used over a Polyvine finish?

  8. I had the same question as Kathy. Can gilding wax be used over polyurethane? Or do you put on the gilding wax 1st and then put on the polyurethane?

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