…i hate february

I was going to post about brushes today, but in the quest of keeping it real I must admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed this month. Sorry for the extra dose of transparency, but it was a Xanex morning. February/March is always a bit difficult for me as it probably is for you as well. It’s cold and dark and Spring seems like an eternity away. Even the crocuses that I saw trying to pop up on the way to ballet class yesterday were disappointed at what the found above ground.

…and the painting projects in my home are closing in on me. Beware: Pictures reflect chaos.



Dining Room.









Living Room.






Study. (cute settee to paint)






Ollie doesn’t even know where to perch at the moment.

It’s too cold to paint in the driveway and the paint gets angry when I try regardless. It gets sticky and clumpy and grumpy. And then I get grumpy.

Thank God therapy is tomorrow.

P.S. Happy Bday to Dr. Seuss. We will be doing a potato man project for Kindergarten to honor you. Add it to the list!


  1. Kristine L. says:

    Bless your heart and your so very talented soul. I’ve teared up reading this! Maybe tears of joy at not feeling alone in my disgust with the month of Feb, maybe realizing I’ve gotten myself into nearly the same overwhelming and capsizing boat! Gosh, I’ve too many projects, too little time, and feel a nap is necessary…even tho it isn’t even noon…to put all the clutter and mess out of my mind for 30 min or so. “I’ve don’t even have time for the nervous breakdown I deserve!” Ha! Your clutter is beautiful work in progress.
    Good old Feb leaves us so close to spring, but not close enough. It’s just so cold and even the nicer days just aren’t nice enough. Sigh. No fear, we’ll all get through this and most likely feel guilty for not seeing that it takes a yucky few days (a month or two) to really appreciate how wonderful 70 then 80 degrees will feel! We’re almost there!

  2. Well, it’s a beautiful chaos! I feel for you though. Just remember warmer and brighter days are on the way.

  3. Angela Lüddecke says:

    Dear Christen,

    I feel so much with you! They say here in Germany it´s the darkest winter since 43 years and I feel it everyday a little more… Some days (like today) I feel so frustrated, obviously without any serious reason! And my home too gets crowded with unfinished projects… The condition of my home is always a good indicator for what´s going on inside me. You know it, don´t you? 😉 Sometimes it´s very comforting to have DT!

    But remenber: there has always been springtime in every year! I´m absolutely sure there will be one again this year! 🙂

    Affectionate regards from Germany


  4. Oh I hear you!! You do have a beautiful mess but I am sure you will fell so much better with it all gone. I do not know how you do it all!!! Hang in there March is here soon and I pray spring to:)

  5. It looks like a good day to go out to lunch.

    I feel you on being sad in late Feb and March. I finally had to paint my kitchen ceiling bright sky blue to help me feel like I was sitting under sunny skies because I would get so depressed.

    It does look like you have an exhausting amount going on, but you are a good designer and there is a reson for the mess. I am sure there is a plan to remove the mess as well, you just have to catch up with it. Take comfort that your talent and hard work have brought you here. Take a deep breath, ignore the mess, and focus on how crazy successful you’ve become. Then eat chocolate and go to bed. It will look less daunting tomorrow.

    You can do it.

  6. you need to come to my yoga class……….we all feel just like you in the winter! many sun salutations later we feel better. I teach at St. Marys, Knights of Columbus, and Sun and Moon. Please come, you would love it!

  7. Dianna Barnette says:

    Oh Ive been there! I don’t know if you remember me at the home show I was telling you I was painting in the house because the garage was so cold…..my wonderful husband put heating & air in the garage for me….it makes it so nice! if you are interested let me know.

  8. Christen,
    During those moments when you become overwhelmed by rooms filled with projects… stop what you’re doing, make a cup of coffee and sit down with them for a few minutes. Take a moment to remember where they were before you brought them home and gave them a new beginning. Say a little prayer that they will be loved and appreciated for what they are today. I know a lot of people say,” they are just pieces of furniture.” I don’t see them that way. They all have a story. If they could talk….they would have plenty to say. Your home is their fresh start.
    Love lives deep in a little chaos.
    Take Care,

  9. You’re in good company! Furniture projects are taking over our house. Trying to reclaim space piece by piece.

  10. Here in Ohio we are facing more windy, rainy, blowing snowy days. Its grey and muddy and cold. Its hard to find joy in these sad days!

    I hope you can find some color and happiness! Im trying to remember that soon it will be warm my gardens will be bursting with color and Ill be even busier!

  11. Wow…to me it shows you’ve been really, really BUSY!!! That’s fantastic! My mess shows all the UNFINISHED projects waiting for me! This winter has just lasted too long in my books….soooo ready for spring! Congratulate yourself for all that hard work…I know I’d feel better if I was looking at all that accomplishment! Beautiful work!

  12. February is my least favorite month too…soooooo sick of winter!!

    There is major beauty going on in your chaos….seriously amazing!!!

  13. Thank-you for this post! I thought I was the only one living with painting projects in every room. You’ve really made me feel so much better. And if it makes you feel better–your house is in much better shape than mine! 🙂 Hang it there.

  14. I enjoyed your tutorial video and am so glad I found your website. This February has been harder for me too for some reason. I understand your feelings. It helps to know you’re not alone. Think of the chaos as weeds in your garden. Start where you are and clear a little at a time. As you do each bit, your thoughts will be less jumbled and life will be less stressful. Eventually, you will get there. I am working on setting small, do-able goals that are less overwhelming to look at. Once one goal is met, I immediately set a new one. Then the overall task doesn’t seem as daunting. I see the potential in all your projects. They will be amazing when you are finished! Hang in there!

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