…i miss my paint

Sometimes I can’t help but see life in black and white. I will climb the mountain and die trying to get to the tippy top. I will decide to give up all together and stay in bed. But, life is full of grey, isn’t it?

I know I need to slow my pace, but that does not mean I have to stop. I don’t want to stop. Ha! I don’t have to go full speed ahead and I don’t have to resign all together?!!!!!!!!!!! LIGHT BULB!

Before Christmas and before “The Fall” I was ragged. Along with my painting jobs and all those kids, I was setting up for this photoshoot hustling from shop to shop, styling, arranging, placing.


Not to mention a little thing called Christmas. I love this kind of stuff. It makes me super excited and Dear Husband likes to sit back and just watch me go. Like a wind up toy. There is nothing wrong with going fast and getting just about everything done, but you just can’t do it for long. A surge maybe. If you do it for too long the wheels start coming off.


I’ve been a bit wary of calling my accident a sign from God to slow down. It just sounds a bit too much like shame. And like my psychiatrist (a Christian, mind you) says, “F*ck the shame!”

I am a girl that loves to work in a studio. I love the coldness of it. I love the smell of the garage. I love getting my clothes and fingers messy. I love being alone. I love how the streaks of paint go on smoothly and the piece transforms right before my eyes. I love that my hands are the tools. I love that there is a before and an after and that the after goes on someone’s home to be treasured. I’m kinda addicted to that feeling.


No, I don’t paint in these colored jeans 🙂

I surveyed my garage today, taking inventory and seeing what jobs I had to complete. It makes me feel better when I’m organized. I’ll see what the doctor tells me and either way I may have to get in there and get a little messy.

PS – Thanks for asking how I am right now. My head is super dizzy and I feel nauseaous 24/7. I have to sit down about every 20 minutes or else I will just fall down. Watching TV hurts so I end up just lying in my bed petting Ollie who has stayed vigil. Going to the neurologist this week. Scapula and rib still killing. Orthopedist next week. Would love prayers. xoxo



  1. Sue Rickard says:

    Prayers!!!! XOXOX

  2. You poor thing . Wishing you a lightening quick recovery!

  3. Dear Kristen
    Am sending love and prayers your way, I have been following your blog for almost a year now and you have taught me so much about ASP and inspired me to do a few of my own bits and pieces. We take so much for granted that when something Ike this happens it does make us take stock and be thankful for the small things in life but at the same time can be frustrating when you are used to being on the go. Take your time to heal and I know you will return stronger, try and enjoy the enforced rest, difficult I know, am sure you will be making us smile soon with new tutorials and in the meantime blog when you can! Jacqui x

  4. You will continue to be in my prayers. I am praying for complete healing and that your doctor visits go well. I am always anxious at the doctor’s office so I am praying for complete peace for you during those visits. Your body needs much rest to recover from your serious injuries. Try to savor this down time in your life. God is drawing you close during these quiet times. This Georgia girl wishes you many blessings in the new year! xo, Bonnie

  5. Thinking about you and hoping you recover quickly. Am so grateful for the positive work you do and the way you share it with us!

  6. The one thing you CAN do in bed is dream about your business. What do you want to accomplish this year? What do you want to change? Look through magazines (just at the photos — don’t read!!) and tear out pages of inspiration. Write down your thoughts, or better yet, grab your iPhone and tell Siri to write down your thoughts. Breathe and relax. Enjoy your children and your pets. And dream.

  7. Sorry Christen!

  8. Lori Vaterlaus says:

    A few years ago, God stopped me dead in my tracks…..my life as I knew it was forever changed. I, too, am kind of a black and white girl who goes like the energizer bunny most of the time. It’s been one of the most difficult times of my life, but there are sweet blessings along the way that are teaching me all about his grace in my life. You’ll be painting again soon, my friend, and there will be little gems of grace along the way for you to enjoy. Keep the faith, be gentle with yourself and know you have lots of friends that you’ve never even met! xoxo

  9. Praying for a full and speedy recovery…both inside and out! I have my candle lit for you to Blessed Mother and sending peaceful and healing thoughts your way! Love your blog and thank you for your inspiration….both in your creativity and in your words.


  10. Dear Christen, I am reading your blog from Poland. You are the person who inspired me about painting furniture with chalk paint. I love to see how you deal with a piece of furniture, your attitude towards business, your customers. I am praying to God to help you go through this and I am convinced this is going to happen soon. It’s just a time for you to reflect on something important, someting crucial for you and everything will be all right. Keep faith!

  11. I’m so sorry for you. The accident really was bad. You need to give yourself time to heal.
    Time will be your cure:)

  12. Sending prayers.

  13. diane westbrook says:

    I am sending prayers your way too, sweet young woman. I love your blog and look forward to it each day…I fell in a corn maze last Halloween and really hit my head. I have to say it was not anywhere near what happened to you, but it did take awhile for the headaches to go away and it is just a horrific thing to have dizziness! Only rest will heal along with prayers and you have many followers who are doing that! Please continue to take really good care of yourself…that furniture and that wonderful paint will wait for you, I promise! Diane

  14. Sending many prayers your way, take it slow sister!

  15. Sending prayers from Michigan, get well soon, I fell in the parking lot after skiing and broke a rib when my boots hit under my arm, take it slow it does get better!! Miss you!

  16. So sorry you are going through this. Prayers for a recovery soon so you can get back to what you love and are so good at. Winter is a good time to stay in and rest. Enjoy your tea!

  17. baileywife says:

    Hey girl, I think about you all the time and am praying for you often….even though we don’t know each other, you have been my “teacher” of all things ASCP. So I feel that I know YOU. I can’t imagine what you are going through but pray that you heal quickly and have God’s peace. You are constantly a source of inspiration …..keep up the amazing work! ~Kim

  18. I’m totally so sorry you’re still suffering!!! Praying you’ll be up and recovered very soon!! But just take time and get better. And I don’t agree that God allowed the accident so you’d slow down?!?! He loves you and protects you but we do have an enemy that is out to get you!! But rejoice because even God whooped his a*s back in the day! Sometimes stupid accidents just happen. So now that you’ve got this “forced” rest put on you enjoy it as you get better. I know I know it sucks to slow down. You’re such an inspiration to us all and you inspire me to achieve those goals that I’ve set before me!!!

    Get better honey!!! We love you and appreciate you!!!


  19. You are in my prayers! It’s always rough to sit and rest….when your mind is going a mile a minute on everything you want to be doing. But….rest! With a head injury and nausea….it takes time…and you can’t rush that. If you get any sunshine in your part of the world….try to take some in…that’s what helped my daughter with all the nausea after two different brain and spinal chord surgeries. And lots and lots of time. Rest….relax….hard words for someone like you….but we are all praying for you! May the Lord heal you up quickly!

  20. I just had a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy it like u recommended . I then logged onto your blog to see how u were feeling. My suffered from a skull fracture and it took a bit for the spinning and sickly feeling to stop. Once it did he was on the go full speed ahead. I have faith that u will be back in your feet soon and doing what you love. In the meantime keep the great blogs coming.

  21. Ok the sign God was sending you is that if you don’t take the time to step back and appreciate all you have done, I will sit you down.
    It is hard but I am sure your creative brain is working overtime on new ideas and projects.
    Rest and appreciate how great it will be when you can get up and start working again.

    We are so lucky to see all your ideas, but we will wait for you to get better.

    Happy New Year & Get Well Soon.
    Barbara Ann

  22. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    God be with you, beautiful Christen. Our prayers are with you.

  23. Take the advice of those around you and hold back on doing to much to soon. God is not in the business of shame, we do that to ourselves. He wants relationship that is all.
    Scripture says, “The one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” (Romans 10:11)

    Keep trusting him, you will heal in His timing and get you back to work creating beauty with the talent he gave you!
    Sarah (switzerland)

  24. Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine
    but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, superb

  25. Your paint will be there when you are ready. It’s not going anywhere. You are resting up and when you are back on your feet, you will be more creative than ever. Your batteries will be recharged from a very much needed and well deserved rest. Focus on healing and doctors appointments to get yourself well. That is the most important thing in the world for you and your family. Be well.

  26. Some how I missed the post of your accident. So sorry. Praying for a quick recovery. Enjoy your posts.

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