…in with the old

We are the family that sets up their tree the day after Thanksgiving and we are also the family that places it gently at the curb the day after Christmas, blowing it a kiss and saying “Thank you.” (We seriously do this. Probably because I feel some sense of guilt for abandoning her after we adorned her branches for a month). This year we had to put up our tree days before Thanksgiving due to the photoshoot in the house. Needless to say we had our tree for a very long time.

Since I’m recovering I’ve been rather slow in getting out my beloved objects that I’ve stored away in the hall closet on a little industrial cart I bought on Etsy a few years ago. It’s come in very handy for instances like this. I was so happy to see my little, personal objects that I love looking at in plain sight once again.



It’s a time to put away the gold balls and glittery stars and bring out anything green and fresh…and blue in my case.

IMG_4546Who doesn’t love a green nest? I loved them so much I needed about 20.


My fig branches went back to their home in the metal birdcage on my foyer table.


I think I’m going to keep the burlap birds, though.


Blue eggs back.





I missed my dough bowl! (I still have 3 left if interested. Yes, they are expensive, but I’m giving the going rate. Pottery Barn is even selling vintage ones now. What?!)


Bye ironstone. See you next holiday.

IMG_4547I’m trying out this little drawer for a catch-all/key thing for the foyer.



I usually use my olive crates for my desk trash can and magazines, but I kinda still want them here on my dining table.


I feel like I can breathe again. There is more air in here now and the more green I have the cleaner & fresher it feels. Maybe it’s a way to get hopeful about Spring.



  1. Found your page via a Facebook site and it is beautiful! Your treasures took my breath away and filled my heart with spring fever…and although warm weather is still months away, there’s no reason we can’t start decorating now! I’m in!

  2. Couldn’t agree more about the freshness of spring! I have a daughter who is a Sweet 16 today…and she is very sweet! I just had to brag!

    Hope you are feeling stronger.


  3. Love those little green nests!

  4. I have been watching your videos and enjoyed all of them, great job! I also have read your blog, your home is beautiful. God Bless

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