…internet campus

In my house I have to remind my 3 kids that it’s not actually Santa’s birthday on Christmas. They’ve been reminded of who Baby Jesus at Sunday school, they preformed the Christmas pageant at school of the birth, and we will read the nativity story before dinner just to try to insert all the true meaning where we can.

Thought I would also mention that our church, McLean Bible, has an Internet Campus where you can hear the service live on Sunday morning. We will still be in our pjs at 9am, but I think we will also manage to turn on the computer in the background as we tear open stockings and eat sticky buns.

Here’s what’s happening if you want your household to tune in:


  • 9 am – Live broadcast of the MBC Tysons Christmas Day service Closed Captioned
  • 2:30 and 7:30 pm – Rebroadcast of the MBC Christmas Concert, “Joy: An Irish Christmas

Please visit mbclive.org to watch the services online.

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