…INTRODUCING The Blue Egg Brown Nest TV Hide & Seek Screen!

I am bubbling with excitement over the introduction of the Blue Egg Brown Nest TV Hide & Seek Screen! What is this, you may ask? Take a look.

Don’t be fooled. It may just look like frames & hinges, but it was so tricky my ever so handy DH that he had to custom cut them.

When DH, Greta, Fiona & the baby in my belly were living with my in-laws while building our home, part of my design was window seats in the family room. I needed them because I’m a hopeless romantic and what is more romantic than window seats and hedgerows (which I hope to have in my next life at my English cottage). This is how they turned out.

Since I needed these window seats and because we had an open floorplan to the kitchen, the flatscreen had to go above the fireplace. My MIL showed me one of her design books with this fantastic picture in it of frames covering the TV and my oh, so clever husband spent the next month making 2 prototypes. One involved a robotic arm, which we may think about again. The second involved custom hinges. The Blue Egg Brown Nest hinges that we are getting made.

The reason this works here on our wall is that the TV is inset. I realize that many people already have their flatscreens on the wall already and so we will have an option with our screen for a “box kit” where one can simply assemble a wood “box”/ wood frame over their TV and attach the Blue Egg Brown Nest screen. My clever MIL had this done to her TV and it’s beautiful & convenient.

I have received quite a bit of interest in our screen that during our anniversary weekend, my DH and decided to start making & selling the Blue Egg Brown Nest Hide & Seek TV Screen.

The frames are chalk painted & distressed.

The images are vintage botanical postcards.

The mats are custom.

The hinges are custom.

Pricing & Ordering will be available in about 2 weeks.


PS – Thanks for the FB reach of over 2,000+ people this week! xoxo



  1. That. is. awesome. Love it!! (love the window seats too!)

  2. So exciting! You are going to do v well with this new offering!

  3. Is this still available?? I couldn’t find it on your website…

  4. Judith Daloisio says:

    Also looking for this..fantastic idea and shipment to Australia!

  5. Mitra Westover says:


    Is the tv screen available for purchase? Thank you!

  6. Martha Foster says:

    Hi Christen. Just wondering if you still sell that botanical frame that hides the TV. I saw that someone just asked you that, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. I love it! So cute! Thanks so much!


    P.S. If you do, how much is it?

  7. Tracey quincey says:

    Hello,I’m really interested in purchasing your tv hide & seek screen. please advice me on how I can achieve this. Truly brilliant idea Tracey.


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