I am here to invite you to a very, dear and special event called my life. I’ve shared years with you all and now I want to be closer to you! I want to talk to you about books and food and health and style. I want to tell you what I’m thinking and what I am interested in in the hopes that we can share our life experiences in a more intimate way.

I have created a lifestyle blog, Christen Bensten, and it is a project that I’m excited about because I get to share more. I am not leaving Blue Egg Brown Nest in the dust, but rather adding to my joy!


I am a very curious person and somewhere in my 30s I realized that this is a precious gift. I not only care about all the wide world has to offer, but I want to participate in it! As a recovering shy girl I want to play too! I feel so strongly about this project that I hired a designer even before the kick off. I am still adding, editing and working out some kinks, but we are live!

I hope you will join me. You have known me for years and have been dear friends, you know a bit about my likes and dislikes. Let’s get to know more about each other. You may not identify with everything, but I hope it becomes a place where we can meet over our computers and a steamy cup of tea in the afternoons. Here is your invitation:

Christen Bensten 

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Deep blessings to you all.



  1. Joan Boras says:

    Wonderful! May this new adventure on your journey through life bring you great joy!

  2. How exciting and wonderful, Kristen! I haven’t subscribed to Blue Egg, Brown Nest until very recently and I was so taken just by the name that I knew it would be something inspiring. Now it looks like it will be even more so.

    I, also, have been a “shy girl” back in the day, as they say. Much less shy these days, but sometimes even now, depending on the situation. So I identify.

    I am anxious to see what interesting ideas, plans, poems, stories and pictures will be appearing on Christen Bensen!

  3. Leslie McCarthy says:

    Looking forward to the days ahead and why they hold, but always enjoying the moment I am in, glad to start sharing them with you!

  4. Best of luck to you!!as a shy gal I find we have the most wonderful things to say and share.

  5. Beautiful !! I wanna join your website !!

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