…kathy’s paris grey pieces & an answer from Brent the Builder

Kathy had been in touch a while back about getting her dresser refinished. She recently followed up telling me she had several other pieces she wanted to have done as well. She had Donald, my mover, come and pick up/drop off these great pieces and wanted them all in Paris Grey!

Hello, Beautiful.

Cutie washstand. I had one very similar growing up in my room.

Thanks, Kathy. It was a pleasure.

Answer to Tuesday’s Building Series Question:

Lauren, Thanks for the question about framing in yesterday’s post. Here is the answer straight from Brent the Builder (aka my very handy DH). I think going forward I will post answers on Tuesdays and as a reply after my post. Hope this helps!


Good question.  The tricky part about sump pumps is that they need to be accessible for replacement or repair should that be needed.  Your idea about a cabinet is a very good one. I really don’t think 27”X27” is too large for a corner cabinet in a room that large especially if you need a good place to hide AV gear.  You can use it as a good place to tuck away all the electronics that you never want to see.  I would also suggest a few things to make sure you don’t end up in a tough spot later.  First, I would build the “cabinet” with a removable top.  This can be achieved in a number of ways but a simple granite top is probably to easiest and most secure but it can come off.   Due to the moisture that typically surrounds a sump pump, I would also make sure that you treat the wood that is used to frame the cabinet.  If you do end up putting AV gear in this cabinet, I would make sure you put a water sensor (cheap) under there to make sure you don’t have a sump pump issue damage the equipment.

If you want any specific help in the design of the cabinet or anything around it, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”


  1. I have a chest of drawers from my Grandmother that looks a lot like yours. I’ve always been concerned that it should be maintained in it’s original condition, which is getting bad. Maybe i’ll get brave and give it your wonderful, bright Paris Grey treatment. Will let you know if I succeed. Love the look so much.

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