…kitchen time series: bigger stuff

The suggestions that I’ve given you over this little series are things that you could do completely on your own. You could zip over to your local hardware store and/or your ASCP stockist and buy supplies. You may need to sit down and create a plan and you may need a handy helper. However, this is DIY stuff that you can handle.

Looking to do some more extensive renovations? If you have a kitchen designer then amazing for you. All you need is loads of pictures and your own taste. If you do not have a kitchen designer, but you have the resources to do a bit more, then here are some other suggestions to easily renovate your own kitchen space. Dear Husband and I did all of the following in our first home. It was a sad 1950s home that needed alot of love….and a sledge hammer.

1. Countertops. Countertops make a huge impact in your space. Some materials to consider for you kitchen are the ones we all know: marble, granite, wood/butcher block, and concrete. Let’s look at some beautiful examples:


There’s nothing like marble on white. Clean and fresh. Of course we all know that marble can be difficult to clean and can also stain so just be aware.


We put in butcher block in our first, little home and I loved it. Here is a deeper wood that is just lovely. Looks like furniture wood that was stained. Of course if you do something like this do your research to make sure that it won’t dent and scratch like crazy.


I think the wood gives such a warm, cozy feel. It’s not fussy. Just looks comfortable and homey.


So handsome.


Granite is always a good choice and there are so many looks you can choose from. That being said, if you’ve ever been to a warehouse with slabs of granite that you have to choose from and LIVE WITH then you know it can be completely overwelming. Go in there with a good idea of the style you are after for your kitchen. Don’t get distracted by any pieces that have “tiger” in the name of the stone!


A good way to pick out granite is to find colors in the stone that will correlate to the color of your cabinets. If you have black cabinets like the above then make sure there are little, black flecks in your stone.

Don’t want to sort through colors? Consider black granite. This is what I have in my kitchen and minus the fact that I have to clean it down multiple times a day, I do love it. It will show little, sticky finger marks, salt, crumbs, etc.


2. Flooring. So many choices with flooring. Tile, marble, wood. Again, what overall look are you going for? If you are handy you can lay your own tile. DH did it in a day.


Textured tile? Smooth tile?



wood flooring

3. Sinks. There are so many types of sinks. We put in a white farmhouse sink and I loved it so very much. I’m totally doing that in the next build!



Right now I have a deep, deep, deep sink and sometimes with all the kid’s dishes it still doesn’t seem like enough room!

4. Appliances. Stainless.

5. Walls. Think about blowing out a wall or cutting a little “window” into one of your walls. It will really open up the room.

I must leave you today with a little picture of Dear Husband taking out part of a wall in that sweet, little house. I usually only want to show pretty pictures, but he’s cute so it counts 🙂






  1. I like your post about kitchen and sticking to your own style. I decided to choose black granite to match with white cubboards and looked for flooring made of local roof tiles which are about 100 years old. I simply LOVE it even though my kitchen is an ikea one 🙂 I hope to change it one day 😉

  2. Hi Christen,

    I hope you are feeling much better!

    Do you know what kind of paint that is in the kitchen with black cabinets? That looks exactly like our granite counter tops and island, and might consider that! We are actually, just in the last few months, trying to decide what to do. The cabinets are structurally sound, but need some aesthetic help!


  3. Hi Christen,

    I was hoping you could give some info on cleaning and maintaining kitchen cabinets after using ASCP? I’ve looked online and I wasn’t able to find any info. I’m not sure I what cleaning products I will be able to use.

    Thanks and hope your feeling better!! 🙂


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