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This little series is called Kitchen Time because if you hate your kitchen then this is the year to do something about it. I think we are drawn to each other because we can appreciate transforming something old into something new and useful. Yes? So, if you are able to hire a kitchen designer and renovate your space then wonderful! Do it! But, this series is more for the type that can’t spend the money on a new kitchen or is thinking about moving in a few years so you don’t want to start a new project or is a young couple that does not know where to start or is a person that goes into their kitchen and cannot stand it ONE MORE DAY! We are DIYers. Do. It. Yourself. Yes, Ma’am.

I’m going to give you a few pointers that I’ve learned along the way in the hopes that they will be helpful and get you started. I mean, if you’ve been dragging your feet I’m here to tell you let’s just do it already. No sense in staying stuck in an ugly space. Life is too short and an unpleasant room is like bad moral in an office. It just eats away at you.

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

Inspiration. Whenever I’m looking or in my case NOT looking for a project, I can’t help but get super excited by looking at beautiful images and dreaming. We have so many resources now for this type of voyerism. Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, Hometalk.

If you are considering painting your cabinets, do your research. I’ve tried to show kitchens that we can relate to and that are not over the top.

Let’s look at some color first. Choosing a color will always be a bit more difficult to nail down because you have to choose the right color. It will take more time deciding and definitely bringing home some samples to try out on an inside door out of sight. Of course, if done well it makes a great statement.


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Our neighbors did their cabinets in ASCP Coco and it came out very similar to this below. Looked awesome with their butcher block counter.


Want some contrast in your kitchen? You could start with your island: 2ce623f13a2ee3429b4e51529620d39e c9203875c94b17c30d9f7cb9655f6154 7aacc685005b83a7640c340f597e1876 island1

A bit scared of all that color? Well, you kinda should be. Not to scare you but the last thing you want to do is try out a color and hate it. Do your samples. A white kitchen will always be easier and give you a fresh, clean look. I’ve tried to show you some kitchens that maybe looks a bit like yours. 6054dbfa32c0dc62917cee2e91b2e9ae

We will talk about our hardware options so don’t worry too much about that now. The color is first, but hardware will also make your kitchen cabinets look updated. 396ac1d03ed87c83f93b6d6860193a65 3730b27f9509365f499f8e4ffc45defa babc223279e32d23bab165a193d1cc45 3c8166691718e9d727d59958983cccc1 b8dbc0abe5ec7ec5fe8396d493f0b734 Renovated Oxfordshire cottage a1f8e25a8858b607470647c1e5ecc484

Like the idea of the clean white, but want a tad of color? Do the white and see how it looks. Want more? Consider painting the interior of your cabinets with a color that works with your space. Yes, I know there’s alot to consider here. Go slowly and continue to evaluate.

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One more thing to consider. Would your kitchen look more open if you actually took off the doors on the top cabinets? Dear Husband and I did this in the first house we renovated and it looked great. It gave the allusion that we had glass there. Of course the caveat to this is that you must have pretty dish ware THAT MATCHES because we are all going to see it when we come into your kitchen. I’d recommend all white to be consistent. 21242549da96ecfdf03d769825c066b5

Questions to think about while you are sleeping on it:

1. What style is my kitchen?

2. What style do I want it to be?

3. What colors are happening in the rooms adjoining my kitchen? Will the color I choose blend well?

4. What color will I be able to live with for a long, long time?

5. If I choose a color will it match my counter top color? Walls?

I know I’ve given you alot to consider. Once you have finished reading this, go into your kitchen and take a good look at the cabinets that are in there. How do you feel about them? Would changing them make them better than what they are now? I know this is a hot topic because I’m asked about it all the time. You are not the only one that hates the look of your cabinets. Let’s do something about it.



  1. My kitchen is challenging. No windows and an outdated snack bar (which no one sits). I have an ugly vent hood. Oh and NO windows in kitchen. I’d have to spend ton of $$$. 🙁

    • Rip out the vent hood and repair the ceiling! We had a big 80s brass number over our peninsula and it opened things up beautifully to just rip it out. With our drafty old house we don’t really need the extra ventilation anyway.

  2. Love how you used the word voyeurism! Too funny!!

  3. TKraft Art & Interiors says:

    BREATHLESS… loved reading your take on kitchen design and renovations and the eye candy made my heart skip a beat or two.

  4. Just discovered your website and your YouTube tutorials a couple of days ago. Fantastic! I was so sorry to hear of your accident and wish you God’s blessings as you continue to heal. You have given me hours and hours of delight and I look forward to many more. As for the Kitchen Series, I am always tweaking the kitchen and am in the process of looking for 6 chairs for the kitchen table. I am planning to paint them using ASCP and that’s how I found you! If you have time to answer a question, I am considering using ASCP in “Graphite” to paint an old armoire. If I am going for a black look, will I be happy with that color? Also, I had anticipated using her dark wax for a smooth finish. Again, thank you so much for the miles of smiles and heart warming inspiration!

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