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Sorry to have missed you all yesterday. I totally did too much on Sunday and the dizzy, headache-y, nausea-y feelings came back in full force. Uggg. Trying to get back to normal is no easy feat.

I have two more posts on my Kitchen Time Series and this next one is dedicated to shelving space. When you can’t build more cabinets or you seem to have just run out of space, you can always go up! Up on the wall, that is.

I know what it’s like to have dishes and food just bursting from their homes in the cabinet. I know the frustration that comes when you just have no place for that last can of soup so you just push it in and close the door really fast, crossing your fingers that it will just magically stay in limbo on that shelf. It never does, does it?

A solution for this is to install a few shelves on a wall in the kitchen. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. They should match to look cohesive and pretty, though. Let’s take a look at some pretty examples:


I love the look of all white dishes. If you use white or any other solid color you can stack them to the ceiling! I think things start looking a bit messy when you have alot of colors and patterns going on.


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I’ve hung tea cups and love the look. You can use hooks like this above or  I have literally used hardware store single eye hooks placed in a row underneath the cabinet for them to hang on. Oh – here’s a good example:


Don’t want a metal-looking hook? Easy. Just spray paint white. You will save a ton of space if you try this idea.



Ironstone soup terranes? Yes, please.


Metal with white? Love it.



I know we are all too distracted by this awesome shabby cabinet to look at shelving on this one.


Chunky, rustic wood. Love.

If you are lucky enough to have a blank wall in your space, you can always find and/or paint a cabinet. I so wish I had thought of this before building on all our walls.


The shabbier the better for me.



Coming Up: One more post on some final kitchen ideas. Then I’m going to talk about FROZEN PAINT! Anyone else having issues with working in the winter?


  1. This has been my favorite post yet! LOVE open shelves so much…so many pretty ways to style them!

    Looking forward to reading about frozen paint. I did so well last winter without running into unmanageable issues, but I recently popped open a can of Duck Egg and it looked like a 7-11 slushy! 🙂

  2. I meant my favorite post in your kitchen series 😉

  3. Yes to the frozen paint problem!! Can’t wait for spring…

  4. christina larsen says:

    Never thought of using open shelves. Kind of a neat freak…but, I do love that look. I love all of the inspiration that you have been sharing with us. I do appreciate it. However, do not over do it!!!!!!! You don’t want to feel yucky even longer! 🙂

  5. At $40.00 a can I keep mine in a the hall closet. hikchik

  6. Yes to frozen paint! It’s so cold this winter here in ohio – 12 + at times… Cannot wait for warm weather! Hope you are feeling better soon, long time fan of your blog. Xoxo

  7. I love the look of open shelving and put some in the kitchen of a new house we built years ago. Huge mistake! The house had forced air heat (another huge mistake) and the shelves and dishes on them were in constant need of dusting. Gross. Antique cupboards with glass in the doors would be a better choice for me.

    I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it gets cold here. I bring all liquid chemicals and paint indoors for the winter. WD40 and windshield solvent are about the only things I leave out in the garage or my workshop.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Christen. I enjoy visiting your blog.

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