Knock, knock


Found this old door in one of the little barns at Lucketts. It was behind a metal shelf filled with alot of little weird figurines, glass bottles, etc. But, I spotted it and had to have it. Originally I thought I was going to use it as my head board and hang it horizontally. I had one of the young guys at Lucketts get it into my car and headed home. My handy-man, Brent, said that it might be too heavy for behind the bed (I’m not convinced this wasn’t a ploy to get out of hanging it). But, I think it looks neat just leaning against the wall in my living room.

A living room is kinda a delicate, lighter room where no one really sits in, but everyone passes when they walk in the door. This old door against the wall adds some interesting contrast.

  Yes, I still need curtains in this room! Don’t have the budget for them yet, but I’m thinking silk dupioni in a spa blue.



  1. I love the propped door! It probably would have been too gross for a headboard anyway. I’ve been looking for a spot for a propped shutter or two in my house.

  2. I love old doors! And shutters. I have a shutter fetish. Oh, and windows! I love how that looks there in your living room. Sometimes I like to transform things and use them as something else, and sometimes (like you) I just like sitting them around, looking lovely. 🙂

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