…living love.

If you follow my Facebook Page found here, you know that I like to post images of spaces that inspire me. When I post an image that reaches a high number of views, I will post it on my blog because it’s obviously an image that we are excited about. This living room image below reach about 30,000 people. It is an image originally published in Atlantic Homes Magazine and one that I have posted before. I reposted it because every time I see it on Pinterest I start to drool.

What makes it so magical?


The first design element that I notice is the wall of windows separated by what looks like reclaimed barn wood. Then I see the expansive, rustic ceiling that contrasts the soft white upholstered living area. This room, however, has little to do with the furniture. It is all about the space, ’bout that space. It’s a good example of how good architecture does not just enhance a space, but can act as the focal point of a room.

I know we can’t all design our own homes and sadly, we will probably never live in a space like this, but we can appreciate design when we see it. When you see inspiring architecture you know it. It creates a feeling that makes you breathe in a little deeper as your eye moves around the room. It speaks loudly in a quiet voice. It is bigger than us. It is all around us. We are sometimes IN IT. It just is. I was recently in an old hotel in DC and could not take my eyes off the ceiling detail. Beautiful design is all around us and we just need to pay attention.


  1. Tonya Schoepf says:

    Love it, the neutral furniture lets the room speak. Can’t wait to see your bird house and doves.

  2. So soothing and relaxing. Yeah for white.

  3. Love your blog christen Have a look at the blog by Ben penreath All about inspiring design and seeing beauty in surroundings and architecture. I am sure you will love it.

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