…living well: how to decorate your bedroom

When DH and I were designing our home our architect told us that we could eliminate a few extras in our master bedroom because, after all, we only go into it at the end of the day. WHAT?

Small Room Design

I quickly told him that he did not know me very well if he thought that. My bedroom has always, always been a place of safety & sanctuary as I think it should be. It is a respite; a hideout; a place to go when you don’t think that you can keep going out in the harsh, cold world.

I take my bedroom very seriously and think you should too.

If you are completely lost or overwhelmed when it comes to decorating your master bedroom then let me help you with some tips.

1. Clean. Take out everything that is not furniture. Take it out! The clothes, the books, the junk. Out, out! Out of the room and put it in the hallway. We will go through it later. Leave the bed, the dresser, the nightstands, the chair, the rug. (If you have a piece of exercise equipment in your bedroom please, please, please take it out!) Vacuum & dust big time.

2. Furniture placement. If you are able, try to move/position the bed on a wall in the middle of the room. Do not sleep in a bed that is pushed up against the wall if you are able to help it. You want to create a sense of space & luxury. Nightstands on either side of the bed are best.


3. Now, if you have not purchased sheets in the past year, buy new sheets….and make your bed 🙂

4. Buy a few extra bed pillows. At least 2 to put behind the pillows you have now. We want to make your bed look like a little slice of Heaven. Pillows not only feel great, but they look so inviting.


5.  Lamp light. If you do not have a floor lamp or better yet, a lamp on either nightstand, then buy one. You will create a cozier and more friendly atmostphere with lamps. At night I only have lamps on in my house to create a calm environment.


6. Organize. Now, back to all that stuff in your hallway. Put away your clothes & shoes in closet. Make sure you have a hamper in there for your dirty clothes – not just out in room because you don’t want to see dirty laundry in your sanctuary! Kids’ toys in kid’s rooms. Make-up in bathroom. Computers & paper work in study or designated spot in the kitchen. Odds & ends? Store or only put out what you can fit on your nightstand and look pretty. Otherwise, keep out!

7. Chair. If possible, try to put a little chair or an upholstered chair or chaise. It feels like a luxury and a wonderful spot to pray, meditate or read a book.

Small Room Design

I believe we all deserve a peaceful master bedroom. Even the tiniest bedroom can be made to look clean & inviting. You will feel a greater sense of calmness if you can create a retreat for yourself.

Small Room Design



  1. Fabulous post Christen! This is exactly what I needed. I have been looking at my room and feeling so overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start to create my sanctuary. I have key, painted vintage pieces (that I have painted myself) and I can’t display them properly with all the unnecessary clutter! That clutter is impacting my rest and sleep…and after reading your post, I feel validated that the reason I am restless is the overwhelming cluttered feeling in my room. This will be my weekend project!
    Thank you Christen and Happy New Year!


  2. great advice Christen, I’m almost there with my bedroom but its a constant battle with my husband who is “Mr Practical” he doesn’t understand the need for our bedroom to look nice and thinks extra cushions, throws etc on the bed are a waste of time. He seems to think everything must have a practical use and if it doesn’t it’s unnecessary clutter! Does anyone else have the same problem with their husband/partner?

  3. Just what I need.
    I love the top bedroom so much. I guess that is yours. The restful colours are so calming.
    You are my inspiration.
    Hugs Kay

  4. frenchfarmhouseliving.blogspot.com says:

    Christen… Your bedroom is to die for! So beautiful.

  5. Donna Dell says:

    Wonderful post! I love your bedroom . I have new bedroom furniture, cannot paint it. My husband would faint! It is stained a darker shade. Would it be okay to mix painted night stands with the furniture I have now. I love French Linen! I’m wanting to lighten the bedroom.

  6. Amy Learn says:

    Such great motivation you give! Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful! Look forward to reading your blog everyday… keep up the great work!!!!

  7. Perfect advice. Can’t wait to try it!

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