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I have always felt that putting money into your home and living space is the best use of your funds. It is the place where we escape from the world and it should feel like a warm hug. I want you and me to walk through our doors and find a sanctuary.


If you feel like you get overwhelmed when walking through your front door because it is cluttered, messy and disorganized, a new year is the time to make a change. If you feel like your carpet is stained and your family room chair is torn up from the cat pulling on it for the last 17 years, if you kitchen cabinets are too dark, if your windows are decorated with paper shades from the hardware store that were meant to be temporary, now is the time to invest.

I don’t say this lightly beause I know that money does not grown on trees. But, I also know that there is a mental block somestimes when thinking furniture and accessories are just an extra. Case in point, my Dear Husband. He would tell you definitively that spending money on furniture is frivoulous. With all my projects I still have not changed his mind. HOWEVER, when he comes home and sees what I have done and the cozy space that I have created he is more than pleased. When we can invite friends over and feel proud, we are both pleased. When our kids feel pride in their rooms and comfort in their beds, we have created a home.


I would challenge you all today to look around your home and see what really needs some help. We all have a few rooms or corners that need our attention. Could we re-arrange our family room furniture to make more sense? Clear our mantel of all the clutter? Paint our kitchen cabinets? Purchase a few decorative pillows instead of the new shoes we were eyeing online?

It is a gift to yourself and your family to create a warm, inviting space. What small thing can you improve in your home this week? This month? This year?


  1. Christian,
    I will second your thoughts about investing in Home. I hear many people act suprised that my wife and I spend so much time and money (more time than money) on our home making it comfortable and such a nice place to be. Our house hugs us all the time. Sometimes the best place to spend money is where you enjoy it every day. How great is it to wake up in a place you love and have it be your home? What a great thing for your family to have.
    It is wonderful to see family and friends relax and enjoy themselves the moment they walk in the door.
    It is a blessing. Thanks for all you do to motivate.

  2. What if you are renting and you feel this way? you cant just repaint the kitchen or go painting walls what are your suggestions for this?

  3. Wow, love that big, beautiful kitchen! We have simply outgrown our tiny home and are saving for a new one. Everytime we don’t go out to eat we smile and put the money into the house fund. So worth it!

  4. This post really speaks straight to ME! I can let piles of clutter build up and just get used to looking at it. When my house is picked up it is a sanctuary but, sadly, that is not most of the time. I need to pretend like some one is coming to visit all the time…that usually motivates me to get the house straight. Thanks for your wise thoughts!

  5. Rose Beckhurst says:

    Truth. My hubby laughs at me when i say anything bought for our home feels like a present to me, but he to loves the feeling when people go wow and start oooing & ahhing at all the little things we have to make are house a home. We have little money but we will always feel spending money on our home is never wasted.

  6. Christen, you are right on with this blog post! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Beautifying your home definitely contributes to ones sense of balance, well being, and even success!

  7. Jane Marie says:

    i love your home, especially your color choices. Could you share the paint color on your kitchen walls. TIA

  8. Ooooh, I soooooo want to paint my cabinets! I am going to do that this year! I’ve got to ask you how wide your kitchen is? Based on the cabinets, it looks like your is about as wide as mine but I don’t have an island and I really need one. I am also guessing you have an entry to your kitchen by the chalkboard and that the island is more in line with that? Absolutely beautiful!

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