…love you luckett’s

Where do I start? I feel like last night I just came back down from a lovely vintage high! Luckett’s was absolutely fantastic and I felt so blessed to be among the amazing, talented, lovely vendors.

Here was the line that started an hour before they were letting people in! Luckett’s estimated 35,000 people came through Saturday alone.

We were cracking up with the amount of carts & bags that people brought to carry away their goods with. Actually, a very great idea!

All 6 Pamela chairs were the first to find a good home.

Luckett’s felt like home more than ever this weekend. I can’t thank you for all of you that came out to see me & say hi!

The dining table quickly followed going to a young couple.

This quote from Julie sums it up!

“I just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our new buffet we bought from you this weekend!!!! I have been looking for the perfect buffet for over a year now and this one exceeded my expectation.” – Julie

Stay tuned – I’ve just been invited to Market Days in Frederick.




  1. The show was really good. It is already on our calendar for next year. Great seeing you guys out there!

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