…luckett’s love.

What’s better than selling for three days at the Luckett’s Spring Market? Shopping!

I took the day off and headed out to Luckett’s with two of my most dear, kindred-spirited friends and we had an amazing time.


Check out that blue sky! Now that is a good outdoor shopping day. A free tote and water from the shop makes for a good start too. I arrived an hour before the VIP opening and there was still a huge line. Maybe 50 deep at 9am. But, everyone was sweet and kind as they are at these things in the beginning. The claws had not come out yet….j/k…kind of.


I passed by a super, old church pew that was tiny enough for any space. I looked at it and continued on for 5 minutes. I then realized that I NEEDED it. I went back and it had a big, old sold sign on it. WHAT?! It was on at this point.

I discovered one of the cutest tents of the fair, Old Thyme. Very cottage. Shabby, white and beautiful. This awesome piece below came home with me. I am a sucker for anything with cubbies or little drawers. It was some type of hotel/bell hop thing.




Check out the line at Miss Mustard Seed’s tent. She killed it. I stopped by Starbucks before entering the town and picked Marian up a few snacks because I knew she’d be inundated. She was!




Shame on me for not getting more photos of my favorite pieces that did not come home with me. I was too in the zone, Guys!

I did make it into the Design House for a quick peek and bought this. Who needs 10 lbs of string? A mom does!


The painting came from Sweet Clover. I heart a good landscape.


It was also a treat to run into several faces that recognized mine and gave me a big hug. I met the sweet couple from the Tattered Dragonfly that I had emailed with. I was thrilled to hear more about her new shop and that I had been a bit of an encouragement.

The boys in the pink shirts helped puzzle my wares into my car and I have another piece being delivered this week. DH does not really know about that Parisian cupboard coming! Ha!


This is a great, little farmtable that I found. I’m planning on sanding it down and using it as a foyer table where I will put my real, live doves (more on that soon).

All in all a wonderful escape. I was not sad at all for not participating. It was so fun to actually shop and treat myself. Here I am after 8 hours of shopping. A little sweaty, a little sunburnt, but very happy.




  1. How awesome to feel the thrill of shopping and no regrets for not being a vendor – congrats! And you came away with some great stuff, too. 🙂

  2. Oh I wish I could pop over the pond and shop there.

  3. What a fun and exciting day!! love your purchases!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kim Brown says:

    I am an avid reader of yours, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the chippy cabinet that you bought. I recognized the piece as the exact one that I sold in my booth High Cotton in Albemarle, NC! I compared it to a picture I had taken, and that is it, down to the last chip! It is an amazing piece, and I had such regret when it sold!! I’m so glad that you will be enjoying it though!!

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