…lucketts store

Time for a special post about Lucketts! I am a bit hesitant to post this because it’s been my secret little treasure trove where I get all my accessories. In fact, it’s the one place I want to go to when I get some me time away from the kids. Shopping, of course, but getting to drive out to Lucketts, VA and hunt for treasures is just 10xs better.

Here are a few of my finds:

vintage mannikin feet

  old trough & ladder on the wall

  bird cage & tobacco thing that I hung on the wall

close -up of the bird cage. owen not included.

Their Holiday Open House is coming up the first weekend in November. You will find antique items and replicas. It’s so much fun!

Here’s their website:




  1. Not only do I not mind, I think you are truly an artist. You will soon see my sister-in-law on here, she was so excited to hear of your work. I was at this place on General Washington Drive–this woman has a lot of pieces that have no hope and are not truly antiques that are begging for your touch—they are quite inexpensive–just a couple doors down from “The Chair Shop”. Your work is beautiful–careful and pristeen. If you knew how much I paid for my French pieces, honey you would be at this like a banchee. Where do you get the paint and supplies?

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