…luvocracy & giveaway!

Luvocracy! Have you heard of it yet? If not, be prepared to fall in love.

In a nutshell it is a site like Pintrest BUT…you can buy every item that you see!

I was super excited to speak to one of the executives last week who was interested in getting to know more about Blue Egg Brown Nest. I’ve been just as excited to tell you about it because this is a way to follow Blue Egg Brown Nest and buy the home decor items that I have in my home, love & recommend to all my readers! I get so many questions about pillows and accessories and rugs and wall decor that you all see in my home and this is a way for you to actually buy them online and it’s super easy!


What a great tool! I personally love it as well so I can buy items that I see & love. I’ve been waiting for something like this. If you like an item, click on it to put it in your bag and then you check out. Simple. Just like any other store online. Amaze.

To make Luvocarcy even cooler, they are offering a $50 giveaway to a Blue Egg Brown Nest reader that signs up through me with this link: Blue Egg Brown Nest Luvocracy

Giveaway rules

1. Click on link. http://www.luvocracy.com/cbensten?utm_source=blue+eggs+brown+nest&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaig n=luvocracy+giveaway 

2. Sign up for an account via Blue Egg & you will automatically be entered to win $50 credit to Luvocracy. “Trust” Blue Egg Brown Nest to get all my recommendations!

3. Now you can shop all of my product recommendations in one place.

Contest giveaway ends July 28th. Winner will be announced on July 29th. (Luvocracy only ships to the U.S. Must be 18 or older to enter. One entry per person.)


Got questions about Luvocracy? Post and I’ll answer.


  1. Hey Christen ~ I tried to follow the instructions and sign up, but it was confusing. If I sign up with Facebook, what is the “member name” and what is the password? Sorry. Deb

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing this new resource with us! I became a member and looking forward to shopping away!!

  3. Buy all the things I love? In one place? This could be very dangerous! So many things, so little money!! LOL. I signed up!

  4. BTW..I did not see any horse items or that beautiful blue picture on you wall!

  5. I clicked on the site and there are 2 sign ins, but not under your site. help!

  6. Neato Bandito! I signed up!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Oh boy, I’m in trouble…but I like trouble…sign me up!!!

  8. Done! Thank you Christen!

  9. Hi Christen,

    I signed up! Thanks!!

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