We have had a man-cold in this house for over a week. For all of you that know what that means it also entails a




tired mama.

Let’s look at a beautiful image today.


Oh, I heart a farmhouse sink. Next house.


  1. Farm sinks are my favorite!!!

  2. Lovely image….sure that American kitchens are as big as English houses !
    Very jealous.

  3. Carly Doom says:

    I absolutely love your furniture redo projects! you are so talented! I also have a few projects going myself! I have a bed frame that i just finished that i sanded and painted a cream color. I tried to do some distressing on it, but it didn’t turn out how i wanted it to…i was frustrated! But like it the way it is now. I also just started sanding on an old dresser yesterday…you have inspired me to keep going! Love your work! and thanks for being so good about before and after pictures!…those are the best!

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