…master bedroom redux – wall decor

I like wall decor that is not always traditional. You know how I feel about tobacco baskets, shutters and mirrors. In our first home I collected wildflowers and pressed them into frames. I have circled back to that look with these pressed branches and sprigs in shabby frames.



I have 6 of these hanging in a sequence on my bedroom wall. When hanging multiple frames that you want to look tidy, you must use a ruler. As you know I hate all things that have to do with measuring and in these moments I enlist DH and his fine ruler and level skills.





I love a man with a pencil behind his ear. I do know to stay out of his way when doing said measuring as hanging pictures is not his favorite thing to do. I become the dutiful assisant and pass him nails and the frames.



I think they turned out pretty perfectly in this space on my side of the bed. There’s nothing better than waking up to daylight from my windows and pressed nature. Greta would always agree.



I found these frames with pressed botanicals from Restoration Hardware. Check out the other nature that they frame.



  1. Tonya Schoepf says:

    Love them, even the frames are awesome.

  2. I have to have these! Love them#

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