Master Closet Organization

Some of you may have read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I did and went through the whole process about 2 years ago. I highly recommend it. I ended up donateing 20 bags of items!

Oh, how I heart a rainbow color-coordinated bookshelf like no other!!

Last Fall I finally organized my pantry cabinets and it took about 2 weeks and more money than I wanted to spend. But, totally worth the investment. Now if only I could get Reid to put the glass lid on the Goldfish crackers. Hopeless.

I feel like sometimes I do my best work when kids are home for the summer and we are all in chaos! I feel like cleaning and starting projects. So, that’s how I began my master closet clean out. Here are the super pretty trays that I found on Amazon! I love them.

Valdler Sackcloth Stackable Organizing Trays

EZOWear Foldable Bamboo Fabric Organizers

This is the crazy, hanging thing I used for years and I really needed to upgrade.

This tray business seems so much more clean & organized. I’m so pleased.

Bear approved.


  1. Naomi S says:

    Oh, my goodness, Bear is adorable! He reminds me of my beloved black, curly Labradoodle named Tavi that, except for color, looked a lot like Bear. Sadly, I lost him to cancer this last February and my heart has been broken ever since. I miss him so much. He would have been ten in April and we were best buddies. Is Bear a Goldendoodle or a Standard Poodle? When I adopted Tavi from a rescue organization I was told he was a Standard, which I was looking for, but my groomer always said that he was a Labradoodle and showed me the identifying characteristics. It was fine with me since I already was in love with him!

    Along the line of organizing, purging, etc. I have been working on that whole issue in my own house for several years. I don’t make progress very fast! After living here for 30 -plus years I have a lot to sort and purge! I don’t expect to ever be really finished as I do tend to be a sentimental pack rat and love having a “stash” of favorite projects and items. What slows me down most is my emotional attachment to many of my things that were my parents and grandparents. My daughter who is a champion purger says I should just take a picture of whatever it is and get rid of it! So instead of my grandmother’s piano taking up most of one wall of my living room I should take a picture of it and tack that to the wall? Uh-huh. Not to mention the fact that I do sometimes play the piano. So how would that work with only the picture? Anyway, as you can tell, we don’t see eye-to-eye on the subject of clearing! I do have to admit that she can also be quite helpful to me in the area or organizing and I appreciate that.

    So, here’s to persistence as we try to put order into our lives and possessions. Sometimes we backslide and come home from the thrift store with multiple items that we don’t need and don’t have a place for but are SO COOL. Then we start over sorting and rearranging and letting go of some things to accommodate that cool stuff! Just never abandon the idea of organization, yes? I send you strength to carry on!

  2. joseph insana says:

    can I use one of your chalk paints and seal with varnish Without using wax? Is wax necessary or it only for appearance?

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