…monkey business

Last weekend was the Lucketts Holiday Open House in their Design House. It was so beautifully decorated for the holidays and so warm and cozy! They did an amazing job. I have to admit that I’ve never bought anything from the Design House because I prefer rummaging around in the dirty shutters & things in the barn section and finding things that no one would dream of taking home! BUT, I saw these sweet little white monkeys (had no idea where I was going to put them), but had to have them!

Maybe sweet is not the right adjective. Somber? Zen? Something about the glazed over their eyes…Asleep? I found the cute little gold nests at the Design House. Makes it look like the monkeys are protecting something precious, huh?

Of course I had to find my way over to the barn to sift. And these are what I found…

I think the color is pretty cool, but I know where to go if I change my mind….my garage! They also happen to match a tray from Wisteria that I have on my coffee table.

I know, they look pretty small over there in the corner. Hmmm. Brent said he could make them into a screen. Still trying to think. Think, think.

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